How Does eOnline Storage Work

After you sign up, we will email you instructions for downloading the backup client and getting started. The back-up client software is simple and intuitive.

Install the software and follow the simple set up instructions. You will select an encryption key, much like a password. Keep the encryption key to yourself. Remember, we don’t know your key or have a way to get it.

Run the back-up client software. Select the files to be backed-up. Set the back-up schedule, if desired. Back-up your data seamlessly, without effort. It is so easy!

The initial back-up may take an extended time depending on the size of your backup set and the speed of your internet connection. When the back-up process runs, files are compressed and then encrypted before being pushed into the Springnet! Backup server.

Subsequent back-ups will be much faster. Only new files or the data bit changes to previously backed-up files are sent to the server. All data is compressed and encrypted before delivery to the server.

Restoring files is simple too. From the backup client software, select the files (s) on the server that need to be restored. Push the restore button and go! The files are returned to your computer either in their original folder or an alternate user specified location. Upon restore, the files are decompressed and de-encrypted for immediate use.


The Software

The critical component of eOnline’s Storage System is our powerful client/user software.  Simply downloading and installing the software enable your computers to easily backup and restore data securely across the Internet to our secure data warehouse servers.  A “Getting Started Wizard” walks you through the simple process of configuring an automatic backup of your data.  Secure your data within minutes, it’s easy!

  • Easy to use Microsoft Explorer-like interface
  • Getting Started Wizard to help first-time users
  • Silent Mode runs backups invisible in the background
  • Available in English, German and Dutch
  • FastBIT binary incremental backups for improved performance
  • Customizable backup sets
  • Automatic Online Upgrades
  • Supports Dial-up Networking
  • Comprehensive backup scheduling options
  • File Selection Filters
  • Encryption and compression
  • Right-mouse click and drag-and-drop support
  • System Tray icon for easy access to important features
  • Event Manager
  • E-mail notification
  • Customizable Toolbars